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Good For Me

I need to be happier for myself when I succeed. So I'm going to try that today. Today I had a final in my class Energy Generation & Environmental Impact. I did not study as long as I had planned to but I'm not going to be mad at myself for that, especially since I knew everything on the final. Of course, only the questions where I had to do math, I may have screwed it all up. I'm almost certain that I got the first one wrong because the answer I got was absurd. However, I could not think of any other way to do the problem and I checked my math over and over. Oh well, so I probably got that one wrong but I'm not upset about it. The second question was also a math question but there is a much better chance that I did that one right. The answer seemed reasonable (I think). And I also tried to think of any other ways the problem could be attempted and I checked my math over and over and I was satisfied that I answered the question to the best of my ability. The last question on the test was a two part question, the first part was straight forward-- no math required. The second part required you to do math. There is a very good chance that I got the math part of the question wrong but once again, I couldn't think of any other way of doing it and the arithmetic checked out. So I'll have to let it go. I am happy to say though that I am completely confident that I got every other question right. I was in such a good mood while taking the exam because the answers were just flowing out of me and in wonderfully concise sentences. I am tempted not to guess at the grade I got, so as not to get my hopes up but I think I easily cleared a B+. Realistically, I think I got an A- and maybe even an A. But I'll be decidedly happy with a B+. So now I am going to do something I usually never do and pat myself on the back. Normally, I am extremely demanding and harsh on myself but I have decided that I am going to stop that. From this day on, I will delight in my successes and give myself a break when I don't do as well as I wanted to. Come to think of it, I rarely don't do as well as I planned on doing so I don't know why I beat myself up so much when it comes to school. I know I am an excellent student and I will go far in life. It feels good to say that. I need to remind myself of that more often.

Sara J.